Decisions, Decisions . . .

Hello Posse,

So . . . I wrote this post in April and forgot to post it. LOL Here is the original post with some added bits at the end.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday, if you celebrate that holiday, of course. P.R. and I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and actually got to spend some much needed quality time together before P.R. had to go on another business trip.

I had been staying up until 4 am working on Into the West: Sharon Springs and once it was done I needed a break.

I had hoped that this book release would be better than the previous two as I have had people telling me they had enjoyed the other books and were looking forward to reading the new book, I did a lot more promotions for this release, and I did a pre-buy with advertising to build the hype but sadly the sales numbers are still not there.

I have had to come to the realization that this serial just may not be a money maker at any point in time, which is okay. I was writing this as a way to learn the business and improve my skills. However, I can't continue to keep pouring my time and money into something that is not going to give me any returns. I spent at least $1,000 last year on computer programs, services, supplies, advertising, etc and I made $24 from sales. Probably mostly due to my mother's purchases.

I think it is time to step away from this western serial for now and try writing something else. I plan to write the first chapter of the next book to give people the conclusion to the cliffhanger but then I will leave the story there for a while and see if I can't get some money coming in through another storyline.

I hope to be able to get enough money coming in that I will be able to come back and finish this serial as I have it planned in my head. This story has been very personal and I want to bring it to it's conclusion eventually.

Thank you all for following along and I hope you will come with me on the next part of this journey.



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