New Designs are Here!

Dianne has been busy working on a complete redesign for me. We have a new look for the website and for all the books covers. Everything follows a similar color scheme and design. The book covers finally achieve the continuity we had been searching for so they all have an individual appeal that goes with the story but also has a similar basic design so you know they are all part of the same serial.

So far she has all of the changes made on the website, Amazon, and Create Space but as it is 4 am where she is, she had to give up working for the night but will get the changes made on Barnes and Noble's sites tomorrow.

We will also be looking at if it is financially better to take the books off of B& and just go with the exclusive deal with Amazon. If we do that, I will make a higher percentage of profit off of each of my books sold but I have sold more books on B&N recently than on Amazon. I'm not sure it will really make much of a difference at this point. We are really only talking a difference of a few dollars but if I should start selling more copies, it could end up making a difference.

For now, I'm just going to enjoy the new cover art and worry about the rest tomorrow.

Check out the new website design and cover art and let us know what you think.

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